Scahdris Kehlva

Adam's Caltan Alchemist


Basic Stats:
Hp: 15
Wit: 16 (3)
Discipline: 12 (
Intuition: 13 (1)
Agility: 16 (
Fitness: 9 (+0)
Brawn: 8 (-1)

Skill Sets:
1) Alchemist: Knowledge(Alchemy), Thaumaturgy
2) Trickster: Acrobatics, Disguise, Legerdemain, Use Device
3) Merchant: Appraise, Bluff, Diplomacy, Speak Language

Lvl 1) Earth’s Fury, Water Shield, Sand Whirlwind
Lvl 2) Essence of the Cat Burglar, Spike Stones
Lvl 3) Blast Furnace, Storm Pulse

-Quarterstaff (1d6/Acc:11)
-Dagger (1d4/Acc:11)
-Pistol (1d12/Acc:10)

-Unique Weapon Proficiency (Firearms)
-Spell Focus (Magic): +1 DC to all spells

Fortitude: 0
Reflex: 1
Will: 5
Stability DC: 12


• Name: Scahdris Kehlva
• Race: Human (Caltan)
• Class: Alchemist
• Age: 24
• Height: 6’2”
• Weight: 140 lbs
• Hair: Shoulder length, ghostly blond, sometimes in a ponytail.
• Eye Color: Grayish-Blue
• Hometown: Caltan City
• Characteristics:
o Large Dark Eyebrows.
o Moderately attractive.
o Broad Shoulders.
o Very skinny.
o Can run very fast but has trouble with long distances.
• Attitude:
o Despises Religion for its hate of Alchemy as witchcraft.
o Can’t stand people of lower intelligence.
o Embraces his madness because it often leads to alchemic epiphanies.
o Can convert his madness into an eccentric charisma that either scares people or deeply intrigues them.
o Is drawn to alchemy because of its infinite possibilities.
o Often switches between two personalities
 Frenetic, irrational, enraged, annoyed.
 Calm, collected, rational, devious
• Habits:
o Twitching.
o Fits of spaz.
o Angry outbursts at ignorance.
• Backstory:
o I grew up in a small village called Dehstshire in Caltan.
o I worked in the family business (Metalworking)
o I also worked with Mercury a lot…
o Because of the Mercury, I am prone to spastic behavior.
o My family consists of Mother, Dahrnas, and Father, Dehstro.
o I have 1 younger brother, Altrevahz, whom is the perfect son and follows all my parents’ wishes.
o I have an inferiority complex that grew from my parents’ disappointment; because of this, I am a bit rebellious and unpredictable.
o When I was around 17, I ran away from home and escaped to Garovask where I met a reclusive old man who was known as a lunatic. Finding common ground with this man, we bonded into a sort of father/son and mentor/student relationship. The man, whose name was Emrakuhl, turned out to be a master alchemist in secret who started to teach me alchemy.
o While living in the city, on one of my food runs for Emrakuhl, I met a woman around my age. She had long black hair and dark brown eyes. I had fallen in love with her immediately. This girl, Mahrva, turns out to be the daughter of the spiritual religious leader of the city, whose citizens fear alchemy as witchcraft.
o After talking to me for a while, she finds out where Emrakuhl is and goes to her father with the information. Her father gathers a mob in order to storm Emrakuhl and I’s hideout.
o I return to the hideout that night to find Emrakuhl dead and Mahrva leaving the building. Because of my madness, I assume the worst and stab her with my hidden blade. Obviously I cannot stay and I leave the city in order to find refuge in Chevingrad.
o As I enter Chevingrad, I am greeted by a subtle series of symbols in the snow that reads, “Follow the trail of symbols and you shall reach sanctuary.”

Scahdris Kehlva

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